Home Mortgage Disclosure Act

Home Mortgage Disclosure Act (HMDA) data is being collected at historically detailed levels. Are you ready to explain what your numbers tell about your lending practices? Numbers can tell any story desired by the beholder – we have all seen the carnage that can be left by misinterpreting numbers and data. Understand what type of data is collected about your dwelling-secured consumer and commercial loans. Know your story and be ready to tell it to anyone listening.

Covered Topics:

  • Rule Expansion
  • HMDA Data
  • Covered Transactions
  • Loan Origination Volume Reporting Test
  • 1003.2 HMDA-Covered Loans
  • 1003.2(f) Dwelling
  • 1003.2(n) Multifamily Dwelling
  • HMDA Consumer Purpose: Other 1003.2(i)
  • Submission of the HMDA LAR
  • New Data Field: MLO NMLSR ID
  • Mortgage Loan Originator without NMLSR ID