Cybersecurity in Mergers and Acquisitions

According to Forbes, 40% of organizations discover cybersecurity problems with the acquired organization post-acquisition. In this session we will review the cybersecurity risks that financial institutions face when merging or acquiring another organization. Looking at some big case studies, we highlight some lessons learned that we can build on to have more profitable acquisitions in the future. Due diligence around cybersecurity programs utilized in both the acquiring or acquired bank are essential in optimizing the transition. This session highlights some due diligence suggestions to get started or to dive deep into an evaluation of information security programs. With this information, we hope you'll make more informed decisions about what to purchase, how much it's worth, and alternative ways to mitigate the unforeseen risks around cybersecurity.

Covered Topics:

  • Case Studies
  • Cost of correcting existing problems
  • Complications with post-merger integration
  • Data breach impact
  • Threats to customer and institution data
  • Compliance problems
  • Basic Due Diligence
  • Deeper Audit Analysis
  • Metrics