Understanding what products, offerings and communications are “fair” is something that can keep us up at night. Perhaps this is for good reason, as there are high costs to deceiving or treating a customer unfairly. During this program we will review the four Ps of deception and the newer terminology of "abusive". You can comply with the regulations and still have things that are unfair. With this in mind, we will review the history of UDAAP along with good examples of the violation of things that are fair. Lastly, we will talk about some products and services that receive greater scrutiny.

Covered Topics:

  • Federal Trade Commission
  • Dodd-Frank Act
  • Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
  • Complaint Submission
  • A deeper dive on:
    • Unfair
    • Deceptive
    • 4 P's of Deceptive
    • Abusive
  • Products/Services under greater scrutiny
  • Fines/Sanctions
  • What to look for